How All Seasons prepares before painting it

Painting your home or office can be an enticing prospect. It gives us a blank canvas to have it decorated as you have envisioned. However, as exciting as it is to give your home or office a makeover, it is equally a daunting task for you as well as there can be disturbances that stop you from going about your daily life. Therefore, in order to ensure that these interruptions are to a bare minimum, we undertake certain steps that help prepare your room before you paint it. These are some of the most common things that you’ll see us do before starting on the paint job whether it is a residential or commercial project.


Get the furniture out of the way

For any paint job that we undertake, the furniture is always taken extra care of. We would hate to see paint splatters on your expensive couch. Keeping the furniture away and safe from the paints is a must. Therefore, we ensure that before we begin working on a room, we shift all the furniture in that room to a different room. This includes all kinds of furniture pieces like chairs, tables, couches, coffee tables, beds if it is the bedroom to be painted or even classic furniture pieces that are common in offices.

On completion of the paint job, the pieces are brought back together. Any final deck staining or window cleaning work is undertaken and you’re good to go.


Remove all kinds of photo frames and wall hangings

The last thing we want is to paint your beautiful shelves and wall hangings in shades of your chosen all color. Some of our clients seem to not mind the shelves and hangings and wish for us to just paint around them. However, we strictly refrain from doing so because we like nothing but perfection for your walls. Whether you are in your home or have your degrees hanging on the walls of your office, we carefully remove each of these pieces before we begin working on your walls. In addition to deck pressure washing and staining, we ensure that we apply coats of luxurious paint over your home or office walls without staining any precious wall hanging and shelf pieces.


Cleaning of the walls to be painted

Before we begin with the actual painting work, it is highly essential that we work on a fairly clean surface. You may want to argue that the walls are going to be painted anyways so what’s the need of actually having to go through the lengthy process of cleaning the walls? Doing this ensures maximum longevity of the pain that is applied. Sometimes, in the absence of gutter cleaning, dirty water may seep through walls, these walls are already coated with dirt and the likes. Therefore, in addition to house pressure washing, cleaning the walls before painting can be excellent.

We aim to give you maximum value for your money and we go through lengths to ensure your home stays clean and beautiful.