Best Window Cleaning in Raleigh, North Carolina

  All Seasons offers a comprehensive list of cleaning services for its clients. These services are offered for both residential as well as commercial properties. The vast range of cleaning services offered ensures that you do not have to spend a minute wasting your time on the tiresome job of getting sparkling windows and freshly painted walls and rooms. Whether you have a family at home or a team of professionals working in an office, All Seasons’ window cleaning services can help you get sparkling and crystal clear windows in no time. Here is a step – by step breakdown of how we undertake window cleaning for both residential and commercial projects.

Detaching the screen from the frame

The first thing needed to do is to get the screen out from the frame so it can be cleaned. The possibility of dust and grime settling on the screen is a lot higher because of its structure. There are two ways in which you can clean the screen, dry wiping or wet mopping. Which method is to be employed is largely dependent on how clean or dirty the screen is. Besides, the material that has been used to make the screen is also important in making this decision.  

Washing the windows

The next step is to get the windows cleaned both from the inside as well as the outside. We use a special solution that instantly rids the windows of all kinds of greasy and grimy dirt.    

Scrubbing the glass

The scrubbing glass may seem like a fairly simple task, however, the material you use to do this can severely damage the glass and fill its surface with hideous scratches. All Seasons invests in superior quality glass scrubbing products that are designed specifically for use on this material. We also use superior quality washing detergent for cleaning purposes. The result is clean and shiny windows that are now devoid of any dirt and grime.    

Cleaning the edges of the window

The edges of the window and the frame often have ridges in their design. This can cause dirt and dust to settle on them and therefore when we implement our window cleaning services; we also take care of the frame to give a complete cleaning experience.

 Drying the window

Now that the windows are wet, they need to be thoroughly dried. Moisture can wreak havoc on the windows and the entire window cleaning process can be a waste of time and effort as dirt and dust tend to settle on the wet windows. We use a high-quality squeegee to completely dry every nook and cranny of your window. Not only is the window wiped clean, the frame is also followed up in a similar fashion.